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Do you work from home but don’t really feel like you’re doing your part? You might be missing a working environment that refuels your productivity. That’s what our coworking space Karachi is meant for. Get your dedicated workspace to work on your startup, side hustle or freelancing projects.

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Coworking Space in Karachi that Shapes the Way You Work

We give you access to the professional, productive space to let you pursue your dream projects. Whether you’re an enterprise or a solo entrepreneur, explore our shared space to grow your business. (5)

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If you’re still scrolling the internet for one room office space in Karachi, your search ends here. With our office space, we help you work better together giving you the uninterruptible internet connection, fast-paced environment and fully air-conditioned workspace.

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Why Should You Choose Our Office Space for Rent in Gulshan Karachi?

Apart from the shared space, we offer premium facilities to make your stay convenient, growth-driven and free of noise clutter and distractions. And if you live in Gulshan Iqbal, what can be the best place than our workspace for rent in Karachi? Here’s how we facilitate you:

Spacious Meeting Room

One of the best perks of our shared office in Gulshan Iqbal is the brightly lit meeting room where you can sit with your team and discuss the future of your business.

Clean Workspaces

An unhygienic environment is the root cause of losing productivity while working. Our coworking space Karachi especially caters to this issue by keeping the environment clean and secure.

Office Help 24/7

Feel like snacking in the middle of working? You can call our office help to get what you want. Plus, our office is close to eateries so you aren’t going to starve anytime here. 

Air-conditioned Environment

There’s no way the summer heat can distract you from working as we provide fully-air conditioned workspace to let you innovate, create, and connect.

Uninterruptible Internet Connection

Tired of connecting and reconnecting your internet at home? We give you access to our speedy, super-fast internet that doesn’t break even for a minute. 

Like-Minded Community

Work and grow with people who think like you and strive for success. Our office space in Karachi gives you the opportunity to network and work on the challenges together. 


I’m using their shared space for a month and really enjoying the experience. Fast-paced environment, comfortable and one of the best offices in Karachi to work in.


My friend recommended their place to work. I must say it's an affordable and convenient place. Plus, the office location is near to cafes and restaurants so I can also enjoy it while working.


Used their space for a month for a team project. I not only got the time to work on my project but also I enjoyed my stay at their company. Recommended for everyone!


Why Should You Choose Coworking Space Over Work from Home?

Work from home seems good on the outside but when you really start working, you feel all the distractions coming your way. That’s why coworking spaces are most needed where you’re less-distracted and can focus on your work only. With our small office for rent in Karachi, you can enjoy hassle-free experience, collaborative environment and all facilities that puts you on top of ideas and results.

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Pay weekly for your desk and work in a particular place only
3000 Per Week
  • Work up to 8-10 hours
  • Internet
  • Neat and clean environment
  • Meeting room
  • Office boy


Pay monthly for your desk or Co-working space
7000 Per Month
  • Work up to 8-10 hours
  • High-speed internet
  • Neat and clean environment
  • Power failure backup
  • Meeting room
  • Office boy

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No matter if you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, a startup team or an enterprise, an office environment steers your productivity and multiplies the results. Hire our shared office in Karachi for the best, quality work.