How Co-Working Is Better Than Home Working?...

How Co-Working Is Better Than Home Working?...

Published by admin on July 28, 2021


How Co-Working Is Better Than Home Working?

Working remotely from the comfort of your home might be the best thing ever happened in your professional life. However, work-from-home is not that great because there are lots of downsides of it as well.

Keeping the downsides in mind, we can see a sudden rise in the popularity of shared office spaces in Pakistan. Major cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi are home to a bunch of co-working spaces.

But why is coworking better than working from home? Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why coworking space might be a more beneficial approach for your remote work.

  1. Increase in the overall productivity

When you work from the comfort of your cozy home, the chances of getting distracted by even the most insignificant things are too high. When you are at home, a lot of things can become enticing distractions leading to a decreased productivity and scattered concentration.

On the other hand, coworking spaces provide an environment where there are several people focusing on their work, thus increasing your focus.

Shared office spaces have the ability to instantly eliminate the possibility of interruption. Your efficiency will skyrocket, and you will be motivated to concentrate on your job when you see others putting all their efforts into their work.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you might need a space for frequent meetings with clients and potential investors. Calling a meeting in your home every day can be a very off-putting thing to do and affect your business relations.

No matter what you do, your house can never look like a professional office setup. Coworking spaces give you an opportunity to carry out meetings in a highly professional environment.

Also, considering the load shedding situation in Pakistan, coworking spaces are well equipped with standby generators to keep you going.

Other than an advantage over the electricity situation, shared office spaces are a treat to work at. You get a clean area, moderate temperature, professional environment, technical equipment, and most importantly, an office.

Isolation is among the most critical problems while working from home. It is not difficult to connect with people from your home, but the possibilities will be restricted.

Instead of relying solely on social media, going into a shared space will place you in the company of professionals from a wide range of areas and sectors. Such new contacts will be extremely beneficial for companies and may result in new and better chances.

If you are a new business owner, then you need contacts to extend your company or brand. Working with professionals of different fields can give you the liberty to know more people and help your business.

The same goes for freelancers. You can get new jobs and gigs through the people working around you for a chance to kickstart your career.

Consider the amenities and services that accompany a decent co-working environment before making the switch from working at your home to working in a shared space. If you’re afraid that working from home is impacting your capacity to operate a business effectively, schedule a visit to different co-working spaces and find the one that suits you the most.

For remote workers of Karachi, you can find coworking space in Gulshan, FB-Area, Gulistan e Johar, etc.

For remote workers in Lahore, you can find coworking space near Gurumangat Rd, Abdul Haque Rd, Tipu Rd, etc.

For remote workers in Islamabad, you can find coworking space near Mir Chakar Khan Rd, Hill Rd, Islamabad capital territory, etc.